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Three poems by Chuck Wright

November 17, 2010

Chuck Wright is an Orange County poet with a keen eye for nature’s fine details—he then combines his close observation with a wonderful talent for connection as his poems take images from nature and link them to other aspects of life (both past and present) in vivid, suprising, beautiful ways.

Here’s a small selection from some recent work. (Chuck’s poems are usually “titled” with the date of his nature-encounter, and as part of his naturalist’s attention to detail, he concludes his poems with the scientific name of the animal/plant/insect mentioned in the poem, as well as where the poem’s action took place.)

Another feature of Chuck’s poems: their delicate and careful structure on the page. Unfortunately, this blog’s word processor did not do justice to his indentations and line breaks/spacings, so I printed them out, scanned them, and present them as .jpeg files.


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