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Name-calling on the (barefoot) trail: of hobbit toes and side-blotched lizards

May 1, 2011

Hiking earlier this week at Santiago Oaks, I heard some bicyclists approaching from behind. I moved over to let them pass; it was four mid-teen males. Three had comments as they cruised by:

#1: “Watch out for rocks!” (this accompanied by a friendly glance back my way)

#2: “Ssssssick” (I took that as a compliment)

#3: “Hobbit? . . .  Hobbit!” (It was more difficult to imagine this as anything but disrespect to my toes. . . until I got home and looked at my new photos from that day. Hobbit feet, indeed. . . )

But I was glad this lizard was hobbit-toe-tolerant.

Oh lizard: do you mind skittering  through life, named after a flaw in your lizardy skin. . .

. . . the dark blue “blotch” behind your front leg?

(Thanks for pausing and posing with my toes.)

Along with the spring lizard rush hour at Santiago Oaks right now, the chia are in bloom just over the edge of a nearly vertical east-facing ridge.

Joining the party: tidy tips, a favoritely named flower. The tips are tidy white:

“What’s in a name” (see W. Shakespeare for the answer).

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