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Phenomenal fantabulous photos of Orange County Wildlife

August 6, 2011

Not only are there interesting plants and animals and rocks etc out on the trail–I often meet cool people as well. This afternoon at Santiago Oaks I saw a lady carrying a camera with a really long, camoflage lens. I sensed I was in the presence of an expert, and stopped to ask what she was out looking for.  “Bobcats,” she replied. “People have been seeing them around here again.”

Of course I had to share my New Year’s Day bobcat photo-session story; we chatted a while and shared web sites. When I got home, after I rinsed away 90 minutes of trail dust, I checked out her web site.

Amazing image alert!

Linda Jones has put that (probably very expensive) long lens to good use, and I was blown away by the quality and sheer quantity of compelling local (and other) creature photos she has posted on . . .see for yourself!

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  1. August 7, 2011 3:57 pm

    Hi Thea, thanks so much for the nice comment! I enjoyed meeting you too. Your blog is a pleasure to read! I love the bare footed part because I used to be a beach volleyball player, and bare feet was part of my life back then, surely bringing back memories. Thanks for the smile! I’ll be back to your blog for sure!

    After I got home from my non bobcat day, I was wishing to have recommended to you a book I am reading. It’s titled Daily Coyote, by Shreve Stockton. A lovely true nature story written by a gal who is a writer, blogger, and photographer and adventurer. [inexpensive on Amazon] 😉

    Have a great week!

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