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Is It Time To Shed Your Exoskeleton?

August 11, 2011

This insect was ready to move on to a new growth stage . . . leaving behind an empty shell of what it used to be.

That’s Santiago Creek in the background . . . near the mouth of Black Star Canyon. The scarlet monkeyflower are in full glorious bloom:

Also of note as summer ripens . . . baby lizards are everywhere. This horned lizard would have remained invisible, except it decided to skedaddle. “Crypsis” is the name of its special defense feature: blending in. But it doesn’t work if you can’t stay still, little guy.

Another sign of summer? Here’s a glimpse of a western tanager who lighted on our back fence this week. I can’t remember ever seeing one of these bright beauties in downtown Orange before. But our 50×50 patch of native plants has been attracting more and more interesting creatures as the years pass . . .

Summer feels like it’s on its way out . . . time to shed days of wandering, time to grow into another academic year . . .

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