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A good short primer on the difference between barefoot running and “minimalist shoe” running

October 18, 2011

Click above to read Steven Sashen’s rebuttal to all those who complain that running barefoot will injure you.

(Ironically, it’s posted on the Invisible Shoes web site–a place where I found interesting information about making my own running sandals, and then after I ran in them, injured myself. Hindsight has taught me that barefoot is best, because it’s all about listening to your body’s feedback–the kind you only get with nothing between your bare soles and the earth.)

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  1. October 18, 2011 5:12 pm

    Thanks for the link and the compliment, Thea!

    I’m curious, what material did you use for your sandals? With 4mm or 6mm of rubber between you and the ground (with our FeelTrue soles), there’s not much there to alter your gait. In fact, a pilot study at a human performance lab showed that people ran the same way in Invisible Shoes as they did barefoot (they changed their gait in the other “barefoot” shoes).

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