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Wandering Among California Native Plants in My Own Back Yard

January 20, 2012

This year’s “rainy season” has been a bit too dry–I’m glad there’s showers forecast for the weekend.

A few early rains in the fall, supplemented by a couple of hose waterings, have coaxed some bright bloomers out in my Southern California suburban back yard–which has been undergoing transformation into a native plant garden the last five years. Now all I have to do is step outside my back door (barefoot, of course) and witness such wild beauty as this (shot this morning on my little Canon Powershot):

Dichelostemma capitatum / Wild hyacinth

Rhus integrifolia / Lemonade berry

Desert bluebells / Phacelia campanularia

Eschscholzia californica / California poppy

Dudleya stolonifera / Laguna Beach Live-forever

Let it rain!

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