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The Barefoot Song: celebrating barefoot running and shoeless hiking

March 18, 2012

Two years of barefoot trail running and hiking photos + a fun song + hours indoors on a rainy Saturday = The Barefoot Song Music Video on YouTube.

I took almost all the photos myself, with my little Canon pocket camera–gotta love the three-shot self-timer! For some of them I was able to set the camera up on a handy little Joby GorillaPod tripod. (Mine was from REI.) Unfortunately, it got left somewhere in the wilds of Wallowa County, OR, this summer, so I’ve had to go back to propping the camera on my folded-up bandana, or nearby flat rocks, to use the the timer.

Since I spend most of my trail time at Santiago Oaks/Irvine Regional Parks just outside town in Orange, CA, that’s where most of the photos are from, along with cameo appearances of Morro Rock, the Owens Valley, Little Lakes Valley, and of course the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. (For folks in the barefoot running community: look for the cameo of Barefoot Ken Bob’s feet–next to his dog’s, of course–shot at one of his free-and-helpful running clinics at Huntington Beach’s Central Park.)

Dave and Anne Hiebert (the musical duo DNA), wrote the music and performed the song; I’d written the lyrics a couple of months ago, in response to Dave’s friendly insistence that I send him a poem he could put to music (he’s the musical guru of Silverado Canyon and an old family friend).

Since I’ve been barefoot hiking and trail running for a little over two years, I’ve got waaaay too many photos to squeeze into a four-minute slide show; here’s one that didn’t make the cut, but made me nostalgic for the “good old days” of Summer 2011 when I got to stay at the Grand Canyon–and backpack from the North Rim to Cottonwood Camp for a solo birthday present.

Barefoot backpacking at Grand Canyon


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