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Barefoot Hiking + Irvine Park + Sunset + Wildflowers = Happy Trails

April 16, 2012

Puma Ridge Trail at Irvine Regional Park on the edge of Orange, CA . . . a trail I haven’t visited for years. On a weekend, a bit crowded for my solitude-loving soles, but very late on a Monday afternoon . . . nice and empty, except for me and some white-crowned sparrows, a red admiral butterfly, and just enough wildflowers nodding in the low golden light to interrupt my halting attempts to run again (left ankle and right achilles soreness lingering from who knows what recent hill attack) with the desire to photo-freeze the combination of flower hue and warm sunset and elderberry perfume and towhee buzz in my unreliable memory.

Here’s the best the pocket camera could do today:


Encelia californica


Wishbone bush




Toes and goldfields


Toes and gravel: transformed in the low light.


In two + years of barefoot hiking/trail running, I have yet to have a problem with stepping on broken glass--a common comment/fear of lots of people. (It's why we have eyes, I remind them. )

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