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Grand Canyon Artist-in-Residence Presentation at REI Coming Up in One Week

June 7, 2012

The Orange County Register’s weekly Orange City News published a nice blurb today about my “Brilliant North Rim” presentation June 14 at the Tustin REI at 7 pm.

Thanks Anna Iliff, for taking the time to interview me and write the article!

In honor of the occasion, I’ve printed up some chapbooks (poetry booklets) containing my Grand Canyon poems to give out (free, of course!) at the REI event. I brought 40 to my presentation at the North Rim Lodge on May 22 last month, and they all disappeared, so I’m happy my work is getting out there. (Since very few poets are able to make a living off their work, I’ve decided to give up all expectation of making money and do the opposite: spend my own money to self-publish chapbooks and give them away.)

Also in honor of the occasion: a few more photos from my visit to the North Rim last month.

This gentle-tree’s face is only visible when the light is right. Look for him next time you’re on your way to Pt. Sublime . . .

Who can resist fitting names to rock formations at the Grand Canyon? Steve was pretty sure there was a person riding a mechanical bull on this ridge below us (at Pt. Sublime.)

Me and my little pocket camera (ghosted in this image) somehow managed only one photo of the eclipse through the green glass, darkly.

By just pointing my camera at the setting sun (not recommended for expensive cameras), I managed to capture the last shadow-bite of the moon/sun combo (upper left corner of sun is . . . missing).

In the morning at Pt. Sublime: self-portrait shadow fun.

My first “barefoot in the snow” experience in spring’s last patch along the road to Pt. Sublime.

“I traced her little footprints in the snow”

On the trail to Cape Final are some cool lookout points like this.

Claret cup cactus: tiny and vivid and right next to the trail at Cape Final.

Why barefoot hiking is so much fun: when you find a seep along the trail (this is in the inner Canyon on the North Kaibab Trail)

Caterpillar and toes on the North Kaibab trail

Prickly pear in bloom along the North Kaibab Trail

Wildflowers along the North Kaibab Trail are part of the Grand Canyon’s “micro-beauty”

My homework: look up this insect I found on a sharp-tipped yucca leaf on the North Kaibab Trail.

What (who?) do you see in this sunset silhouette in the inner canyon?

I could do this all day . . . each photo lets me time (and space) travel back to one of the coolest places on the planet: the Grand Canyon. “What can we do to keep it grand forever?”

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