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Never the Same Old Trail: Each New Barefoot Day Brings A Surprise

July 20, 2012

Although I’ve been hiking the same little web of trails in the Irvine Park/Barham Ranch/Santiago Oaks area for 15 + years, each time I venture out I’m surprised into smiles by new views of the plants, creatures, even sticks and rocks of this place on the edge of the frenzy of Orange County, CA.

A California thrasher makes a rare (in my experience, anyway) early-July-morning appearance. Usually I see these birds perching and singing in the spring. Lovely curved bill = Calfornia thrasher.

The morning play of light and shadow and bird song–different each day.

The rising sun makes for shadowy photo-ops that shrink as the morning progresses.

In all my years on the trails here, this is the first time I’ve been so directly confronted with such a forceful twig-question.
The answer: because I LOVE barefoot trail running!

Here’s something else I don’t see too often: First these two mule deer crashed across the trail and bounded down the hillside in front of me.
Then four more followed them over the edge into the oak-ful ravine.
All in a matter of seconds:
Six deer. They all disappear. Into Weir (Canyon, that is). Fear . . . mountain lions near? Cheer: I’m still here.

And with that bit of giddy deer end-rhyming, today’s hike ends.

Happy New/Old Trails . . .

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