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Barefoot trail running with the grandkids

September 23, 2012

Barefoot trail running with the grandkids

My three-year-old grandson blasts a sandy downhill while barefoot trail running with his grandma yesterday.

There are lots of sandy trails near Morro Bay, and I had fun running down one of them with my 3 and 5 year-old grandsons this weekend.

In other news: I was the subject of  podcast #63 at recently; it was fun to chat with Caity about all kinds of topics relating to barefoot running and hiking, including my love for native plants (it turns out her father is a fan of California native plants as well).

Right now my plan to hike and run Rim to Rim barefoot in October is undergoing re-evaluation as I deal with some kind of shin-splintish problem. I had way too much fun barefoot trail running this summer, and it appears I might have overdone it . . . sort of following the pattern for my entire adult life of running addiction. Run too much too soon (TMTS Syndrome). . . get injured . . . finally get better . . . run too much . . . etc.

Also right now: TMW Syndrome is keeping me from running. Too Much Work.

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