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Post-Rim-to-Rim Blues (almost as painful as shoes)

October 21, 2012

Kind of a letdown: going back to my normal existence after last weekend’s glorious Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Barefoot adventure.

Finally, after a week of too much slumped-in-front-of-a-computer time, I got back out on “my” trails today . . . the good ol’ hills of Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

Enjoying the buzz from the Bumblebee Trail. That’s Robber’s Peak on the far ridge.

The shining Pacific Ocean, as viewed from the Grasshopper Trail.

Still hiking and not running: my sore ankle/shin splints/whatever-pain-it-is doesn’t feel ready for running yet. No left knee twinges, though. That was some kind of “Grand Canyon Special” I guess. . . it’s frustrating how it comes and goes, seemingly randomly, although I’m sure there’s some reasonable physiological explanation.

The knuckle-heads have been hiking again: here’s the cap they tossed, and if you look closely you can see the plastic water bottle it belongs to up the trail on the left. So I got to do some trash pick-up today. Yay.

It’s been a long time since last winter’s rains; this black sage plant has retreated into a leathery dormant state, waiting the storms to return.

There’s still a bit of water in Santiago Creek. Sometimes, after enough rain, this placid pool transforms into a un-crossable torrent. Maybe soon?

The highlight of the week: barefoot hiking with the grandsons–to Eagle Rock, San Luis Obispo. Their exuberance on the trail is an inspiration. (But they need to get over being worried about coyote scat. So I “modeled” scat-stepping nonchalance for them. Don’t tell their parents . . . )

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