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What I Got Stuck in My Toes Tonight on the Trail

October 28, 2012

My sympathies go out to the East Coast tonight as they brace for the big storm.

Here in So Cal, however, the weather was brilliant today: warm, clear, dry autumn air and the promise of a big moon . . . so . . . after finishing up yard chores–trimming back buckwheat, sage, ceanothus, desert lavender, desert willow,  dry dudleya flower stalks–in my sweet-smelling garden of California native plants, and planting a few new purchases from our Orange County Chapter/ California Native Plant Society fall plant sale at Tree of Life Nursery yesterday, it was time to head for the hills.

These backlit black sage flower stalks were the first thing I noticed, just 20 yards away from the overly green and wet grass on the northwestern edge of Irvine Regional Park.

The golden October light transformed everything it washed over–the sycamore and oaks, the dry grasses and waiting-for-rain prickly pear–rinsed in twilight for a fleeting few minutes, sprinkled with wrentit calls and spiced with dust, fall in the wild hills of Orange is enough to . . . to . . .  be enough.

A sycamore tip glows against wind-washed blue sky.

The soft dust leads through drought-deciduous sagebrush on the way to the mouth of Weir Canyon . . . the trails were empty tonight, but the bike tracks tell the story: this is a popular place to ride.

The goal of my hike: watch the moon rise over Weir Canyon. I wish all of life’s goals could be accomplished so stress-less-ly.

Barefoot hiking in the dark is a bit challenging, but fun. It’s amazing how the brain/body connection works so well to guide my footfalls, even without being able to see exactly what’s ahead. I did get something stuck in my toes though: the full moon. I wish I could come up with a snappy punchline to end this post, but I can’t.
Happy Full Moon Trails!

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  1. A barefooter ;) permalink
    November 25, 2012 7:11 pm

    I LOVE the first photo!

    And the rest of your blog 🙂

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