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The Grandmother, the Elves and the Barefoot Grandson

December 16, 2013

Here is a great story my daughter wrote for her “Why do bad things happen to good brains” blog on brain health . . . featuring Yours Truly and my quest to “corrupt” my grandkids into shoe-less living.

Also featured prominently: the wonderfully comfortable shoes made by the elves at SoftStar Shoes in Corvallis, Oregon.

At the end of the post are links to information about barefootness and brain health.

Happy (Barefoot) Trails!

Tina Davidson

Once upon a time there lived a barefoot grandmother.

This 21st century grandmother, aka Granny, enjoyed shoe-less gardening, running muddy trails in her bare feet, and writing poems about it all. When her grandchildren, who lived hours away, came to visit her she encouraged them to ditch their shoes and explore the garden.

This delighted the grandchildren and annoyed their parents—and made the grandchildren want to visit Granny’s every weekend. Granny’s children didn’t always approve of their mother’s “hippie” feet, and their spouses fretted over their little ones’ foot safety. However, Granny’s daughter slowly became more aware of the science behind what Granny was modeling and reassured her siblings that old age had not driven their mother to “barefoot madness.” In fact, many studies existed to back up Granny’s intuition that walking and running with her feet in direct contact with the ground was good for both her body…

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