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Enter the “velfie”

August 7, 2014

During this morning’s run up and down Barham Ridge (between Irvine Park and Santiago Oaks Regional Park), my mind was doing its usual wandering, and a word floated into my consciousness: “velfie.”  I thought about it, came up with a formal-ish definition, and jotted down my ideas when I got home.

Definition: (Noun.) A video selfie. A video of any length that is taken by the subject of the video. It is a mix of first person and third person point of view, accomplished by extending the camera away from the body (either via arm or hand-held tripod). The camera may also be attached to to the body (or piece of sports equipment such as bicycle or surfboard) to make an “action velfie.”  Whether it is allowable to extend the third person viewpoint by setting the camera on the ground or in a tree is currently a velfie gray area.Numbers attached to the word velfie indicate how many other people were involved in the production; a pure “velfie 1” will involve only the subject of the video for ALL aspects of filming and editing (including music).

When I had a chance to google it, I discovered I had NOT invented this word. Oh well . . . I had fun imagining myself as a neologist for a few brief shining moments.


toes and cottonwood leaf

This is NOT a velfie since it is not a video. It’s just one more addition to my extensive repertoire of foot selfies . . . hmmm . . . I guess I should come up with a new word for that, too. Footelfie? Selfootsie? Selfooto?

I’m getting hooked on making these velfie critters . . . as long as they’re about barefoot running. Here is a link to my shortest velfie (shot last Thanksgiving season after a rare local rain):

My YouTube channel has more:


Not a selfie, but a nice reminder of the fun I had recently at Big Pine Creek with my grandchildren.

Not a velfie or selfie, but a nice reminder of the barefoot fun I had recently at Big Pine Creek with my grandchildren.

Another hike, another foot-selfie.

Big Pine Creek waterfall: another hike, another foot-selfie.

Happy trails . . .  May all your velfies be barefoot ones!

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