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What Coyote and I have in common (hint: we both leave shoeless tracks)

October 19, 2014

coyote and barefoot tracks

On a recent evening run, I rounded an uphill curve and saw a coyote squatting next to the trail. When he saw me, he trotted off  a safe distance down the ravine, and then turned to keep an eye on the two-legged creature who kept pointing a shiny object at the trail, and then toward him.

It’s tough to see what’s in my little camera’s viewfinder when I’m outside and without my reading glasses; I feel fortunate to have aimed in (somewhat) the right direction:

coyote along the Chutes Trail near Irvine Park


How beautifully he blends into the gray and brown landscape! Here’s a cropped version:

coyote close-up


My barefoot trail running is going well enough that I’ve entered a 12k race in Limestone Canyon next month. Here’s hoping my feet, heels, calves, back, golgi apparatus, etc. hold together for this one . . . the previous two races I entered earlier this year turned into DNS (did not start, darned nude seahorses) due to aches and pains that seemed not worth dealing with in a stressful (these trail races sometimes have more than 50 entrants!) competitive setting.

I enter races so seldom . . . I want it to be fun, with no niggles (a great word I learned from the UK BF community) to distract me from the joy of pushing my limits in an awkward social arena (which races are to me, since I’m a loner runner, rarely know anyone, and few people seem to want to make eye contact and/or small talk with a barefoot crazy lady).

But me and Coyote, we share a bond:

coyote and human footprints


(We know we shouldn’t squat too close to the trail, but sometimes we do it anyway . . . )


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