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Wandering and wildflowers: February blossoms in Orange County’s wildlands

February 7, 2015

poppies in limestone canyon

It’s wildflower time in Orange County’s wild foothills! Today I went for a wander in Limestone Canyon, doing my duty as an Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteer on an “open access day” — those few times a year these ecologically sensitive trails are opened to the public. From my vantage point on the Sandtrap Trail, I had a good view of the hundreds of folks headed for “The Sinks,” billed as the “Grand Canyon of Orange County.” Having visited the Grand Canyon a few times, I can safely say it’s not even close; however, it is a fabulous destination for nature lovers who want a nice destination on a sunny February morning.

crowds hiking in Limestone anyon

Here are a bunch more photos from this most pleasant morning:

Old Saddleback in the clouds

While it was indeed sunny, a few clouds spent the morning playing around the summit of “Old Saddleback.”

barefoot animal tracks

Really juicy-looking lemonade berries along the trail.

Really juicy-looking lemonade berries along the trail.

Sandtrap Trail marker

Irvine Lake from Limestone Ridge

Irvine Lake far below. Note the low water level; we need rain!



red paintbrush

wishbone flower



rattlesnake flower


Lots to be thankful for . . . a sunny (mostly) barefoot morning, enjoying wildflowers in Limestone Canyon!

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  1. WingedLing permalink
    February 10, 2015 6:26 am

    Wooo, beautiful shots.

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