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Life and death on July’s dusty trails

July 11, 2015

deer print and barefoot pring

The trails around Irvine Regional Park are prime for barefoot hiking/running right now, and the fine dust also creates excellent critter-records . . . here is tangible evidence of the bounding deer who was out of sight in two big bounds as I traveled through the delectable “Willows” network of trails this morning.

bunny on trail scratching nose

Unlike the jumpy deer, this bunny was so unperturbed by my presence that he stopped to do a bit of itching before racing me down the trail.

hummingbird at rest

Another critter that allowed me to gaze for a while: this lovely hummer high in a willow, who seemed to have no urgency to go about her humming life. Instead, she sat and sat and sat while I craned my neck to watch and watch and watch . . . hoping to learn something. I think I did:

The Unhummer

See how the hummingbird rests–

unhidden, no need

to be garden-busy,

no need to be other than

a branch tip, allowing

the wind its way, ignoring

another hummer’s whirling frenzy,

free to sit

at the willow tip

for as long as it takes

to appreciate her own

pleasant heart music.

dessicated wood rat under oak

One last gift of the trail from this morning’s wander: a dessicated wood rat under an ancient oak. Dropped by whom? When? Why?

What a fierce final scowl . . . what delicate, bone-bare feet . . . .

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  1. Paula Peeters permalink
    July 15, 2015 2:30 am

    Beautiful Thea – loved the description of the hummer.

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