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“My Healthy Hobby” trail running poem

September 3, 2015

The poem at the end of this post came to mind last week (I wrote it 5+ years ago, and had not thought of it for a long time) when I came across some formidable paw prints in the dust on a (solo, as always) early-morning trot through The Willows (the forested floodplain of Santiago Creek, between Irvine Park and Santiago Oaks Regional Park).

While I was awed by the big tracks, I was sad to discover another drought-stressed willow had given up overnight, cracked a big branch off the main trunk, and thrown it across the trail . . . a dry-times-sacrifice the photo below does not quite capture.

Also un-capture-able via my little pocket camera (but I still try!): the fragile-but-sturdy Sacred Datura or locoweed (Datura wrightii) blooming in the dust . . .  a plant with both beautiful and deadly qualities.

The poem’s a bit “over the top” . . . but it was fun to write from a paranoid sort of mindset.

Mountain lion or coyote tracks?

Mountain Lion vs Coyote Tracks

mountain lion tracks?

cracked willow blocking trail

sacred datura

My Healthy Hobby

shaky legs
burny lungs
ridge-top dry heaves
one hill done

slippery scree
slidy feet
crumbly drop-off
dirt to eat

rocks and cactus
rattlers slidin’
sagebrush ruckus
quail explosion

something watching?
what was that?
just a shadow?
cougar scat

willow deadfall
trail blocked
headless rabbit
single sock

all my water
sweated out
damp shirt shivers
coyote shout

or euphoric
trail’s end—

But seriously, folks: Happy Trails!

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  1. September 3, 2015 11:57 am

    Thanks for the track guide.
    I like low-impact exercise. No pain, thank you!

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