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Writing & art about walking wanted for new zine

May 24, 2016


Writer/artist/teacher/walker Rebecca Fish Ewan just launched a new zine about one of my favorite subjects: walking! I was pleased and honored to have two of my barefootin’ poems–with images–included in issue one: “These Rocks” and “Grand Canyon Hiking Friends.” (And she included an image of a bare hiking foot on the cover! Bravo!)



IMG_3534 copy

Issue two is scheduled for this summer . . .  there’s still time to submit your walking-related words & images for consideration; here’s some general info below (but please see the web site for more details).


“GRAPH(feeties) is a blended/hybrid word/image zine focused on telling true stories of walking. Send in up to two pages (or one 2-page spread) of your black and white nonfiction hybrid comics/poetry/cartoons/essays/memoir/whathaveyou on walking.”

In other news: tonight’s my “Adventure After  50” (barefoot at Grand Canyon) Sierra Club presentation . . . I posted some blurbs on various Facebook hiking groups, and one of my canyon friends posted this lovely photo this morning in reply:


Thanks, Pam L.! We had a fun week down at the bottom of the canyon last month with a group from the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute . . . this photo brought back lots of good memories (and I love the contrast between “crampons recommended” and our footwear of choice on that ice-free day).

I’m looking forward to sharing barefoot stories and Grand Canyon photos in hopes of inspiring more folks to try something/somewhere new. Life is all about learning, and I continue to appreciate that (including learning that it’s pretty easy to crack a rib climbing a wall during parkour class if you’re 56 and have osteoporosis. . . but that’s a story for another day).

Here’s some recent-local-spring-wandering images which bring to mind Oscar Wilde’s famously mundane quote: “The weather still continues charming.”

clouds and hills

Clouds and sun highlight the red dirt and green native shrubs of the Lomas de Santiago (foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, my barefoot playground.)

black sage and needlegrass copy 2

Silhouettes of black sage “seed pods” shine along with glowing stalks of our California state grass, purple needlegrass.


prickly pear in bloom copy

The prickly pear bloom this year: flowerific!

gopher snake

Uh oh . . . Mr. Gopher Snake was enjoying the warm trail dirt until I came along and asked him to re-consider his position: in harm’s way from wheeled beasts.

Safe wandering!

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  1. The Winged Ling permalink
    May 24, 2016 11:53 am

    Awww. Little snake.

  2. Gina permalink
    May 24, 2016 11:06 am

    Beautiful shots, Thea. You make Orange County look good.

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