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Wandering and writing (barefoot or shod) at the North Rim of Grand Canyon in 2019

November 6, 2018

Writing along the North Kaibab Trail

Nov. 6, 2018: a big day for the country, a big-little day for me as registration opens for the 2019 season of Grand Canyon Conservancy Field Institute adventures, including my 5th annual writing workshop at the North Rim (shoe-people welcome too!).

I’ve been heading to the North Rim as often as possible since my three weeks there in June 2011 as National Park Service Artist-in-Residence; it’s such a privilege to share the beautiful forested trails, springs, views . . . and just plain solitude still available in our crazy, busy world–with the added bonus of sharing writing ideas and inspiration, all while camping together in the ponderosa pines, waiting for glimpses of this elusive creature:


The Kaibab squirrel can only be found on the Kaibab Plateau.


Writing at Cliff Spring is always an inspiring experience.


The Uncle Jim Trail is another place where solitude–and inspiration–are easy to come by.

DSC_3774ler Thea Gavin GCA class NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x673)

What’s become a tradition: the final afternoon’s “reading to the Canyon” . . . 

Is it time for a road trip in 2019? Let’s wander and write!

Check out the web site for more info:

Writing on the Edge screen shot

Happy (inspiring!) trails . . . all the way to the polls today!


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